Monday, October 5, 2009


on friday darling specifically mentioned he didn't get a lunch that week.  he used the power of pout on me so of course i had to do something about it.

look what the bento fairy left in his fridge last night!  (what a nice bento fairy, she texted him about it too...)

this is the pink zebra handkerchief I mentioned before.  i bought it for another reason but it fits over my tupperware very nicely.

inside is an instructional note, lychee jelly, two bbq spam onigiri, plain steamed veggies, and mystery sauce.  i was afraid the sauce would be too spicy but darling said it was "fantissimo!"  <3

and then of course what would a food post be without macro-mode food porn?


freshelle said...

oo great blog!! all the yummy food pictures makes me hungry!! lol

CrystalS said...

I WANT your pink zebra handkerchief!!

tigerjz said...

so cute! i love ur blog!! keep posting more stuff!

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