Thursday, January 28, 2010

hello pfefi!

to all those out there in RSS feed reader world (or however you read your blogs):

*drumroll please*


i have a new layout!  i found a really simple design i liked, tweaked it a tiny bit, and then proceeded to install the best blog header ever.  or, at least the best i've ever made and probably ever will make:
click for the biggie! n_n

 cool, right?  n_n  i've seen words spelled out of objects before, but never earrings!  i love seeing everyone's makeup stash posts, and this is my way of sharing part of my earring (and bracelet) stash.  these are all pieces that i love and wear.  many have special origins or hold fond memories - i'm sure you can say the same about your own jewelry!

so, i hope you like it.  maybe in the future i can tell the stories behind some of these earrings.  for now, i'll show you how i made it, using federer's tennis racket (thanks, darling!):

the camera rests in the triangle-hold on the racket.  instant tripod!

forever ghetto like that,
♥ pfefi


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Witoxicity said...

Well done with the new header. Ingenious! I thought it was really cool how you used the racket for the camera too. Yes, do tell us the stories behind these lovely earrings. :)

PetSugar said...

i love your new header! and you'd be surprised, just when you think you've made the best thing ever... something else will inspire you

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