Friday, January 15, 2010

leopard print!

i did the scariest thing today.  i was riding my bike home and i took both hands off the handlebar to zip up my fleece.  aaaaaah!  maybe some of you are laughing at me but i am a big chicken when it comes to riding with no hands.  it took me several tries, and about 1/4 mile of road.

anyways, that is just my excuse to blog about my bike:


fun fact: there are an estimated 12,000 bicycles on the stanford campus, and less than 15,000 students!  (+ some professors who bike to work) last fall, i had no bike so i walked 2-3 miles per day back and forth from class... it sucked!  then a family friend was kind enough to gift me an old bicycle.  it was black and quite boring, so when spring came i tore off the stickers and started cutting leopard spots out of masking tape.  add some yellow spray paint and an orange sharpie, and... voila!

i was reminded of this because of CrystalS's shirt!  she also has a sweet leopard print blog layout going on right now.  she's a really pretty, and sweet makeup artist and it was just her birthday yesterday (happy birthday crystal!)  so go say happy birthday and check out her blog.  n_n

anyways i really like leopard print and will be sad when it's no longer trendy and "in". (actually it probably already isn't and i just don't know, haha)  here's some random leopard print stuff from around my room (stock photos ftw!)

clockwise: sunglasses case, ruffle top by express, makeup bag x2, faux fur jacket by express

i used to have this sweet rainbow leopard print fleece blanket (something like this), but i don't know where it went.  what's your favorite print?  plaid?  zebra?  polka?  n_n


Shop N' Chomp said...

That is one cool bike! :) I love leopard prints. You are so creative. I had a bike once in college until someone jacked one of my wheels during spring break. WTF. :( Anyways, I'd have to say that my fave print is probably floral.

Elizabeth said...

I want your bike.
Even though... I can't ride a bike.

CrystalS said...

Awesome bike!
You're so sweet; thank you so much for the shout out! *hugs*
I'm also a fan of zebra print. :)

*~kAy~* said...

How cute! <3
I love how you designed it yourself <3
So creative! <3

Asami said...

Wow, holy crap I think it just hit me that you actually PAINTED that yourself! That's freaking amazing!

Asami said...

What an awesome bike! I'm not sure if I have an official favorite print, but I really like circles and squares and just basic things based around those shapes. (I like your background, for instance.) :)

Witoxicity said...

Oops, I so need to catch up on your blog! :D

That's super impressive what you did with the bike!! It looks so cool with the self-made leopard print! Old bike turned new! :)

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