Saturday, February 20, 2010

a february piece of me

(late, i know.  see below plz)

this month...
i like and i don't like: the sheer amount of stuff going on
  • i work part time
  • i am a teaching assistant (office hours, exam grading, answering emails)
  • i am a community associate (planning events, list moderation, answering emails)
  • i am a graduate student (2 programming classes, what was i thinking???)
  • i am a girlfriend (planning a trip to europe/asia, my house, darling's house)
  • i am on the verge being a real person (apartment hunting, car shopping)
  • i am a growing beauty addict (almost a part-time job on its own. i'm sure you know what i mean.  :P)
...definitely very, very busy times.  sometimes it's very stressful, but if i'm careful it's a manageable (albeit nonstop) stream of busy-ness.  i feel very fast-paced, very new-yorker.  and i'm very addicted to caffeine.  my favorite source?
♥ starbucks green tea frappuccino!   sugary and delicious.

i want you to know: most of these things are over in 5 weeks.  i'm planning on being a better blogger after that...
i've planned: more posts!
i want to say to someone special: to all my followers, thank you!  i really love getting your comments and if you have any questions or recommendations let me know!

bonus: best part about frozen drinks like green tea frap and icees ♥ is you can play with them, too:
lol, iphone class was really boring that day.  nail color is sally hansen salon you-gurt me / pardon my french (more on that later)


Catherine said...

Aww, good luck with all that! It definitely sounds overwhelming to me! O_O

LOL @ your frappe fun. =P

Andi said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! I want to see pics from your trip!! Never tried that frapp before, but you have me interested now. Good luck with all of your many endeavors :)

amynaree said...

i love green tea frappe aka green tea crack lol!! i crave it on a daily basis and it cheers me up when i'm down :)

tigerjz said...

mmmm green tea frappppppppp~~~

sugarmizbunni said...

Green Tea Frap is my fav drink :) I gave me an idea of how i can play wit my green tea frap when I'm bored next time :P

I haven't tried MAC prep+prime. Just a suggestion: If you are not sure bout the UVA, u can apply sunblock that has UVA protection before u apply MAC prep+prime. So you'll hv extra protection. :D

Thanks for following my blog^^

Jian said...

Aww the green tea frap ice faces! Although I find hte one on the left slightly haunting!! Too real xD

Thanks so much for the suggestion about the subscription thingy. I had a look, and the gadget does look quite dodgy. I think I will look a little more on the internet!!

And yeah..I love that kind of pinky lipstick and blush. I always end up buying the same kind of colours xD

Jian said...

Oh, and in response to your comment on my Kevin B's Beauty Manual post AAAGES ago, I think he is biased towards double eyelids. There aren't any single eyelid looks in his book. I think he even recommends double eyelid glue...

projectvee said...

stumbled across your blog :)
and mm gotta love green tea frappps! i'm also suuper addicted. haha

Natalie Nguyen said...

Oh wow, you did that with the drink?! Going to asia next month? So lucky~!

seekingelevation said...

You're gifted in your abilities to make faces out of your Starbucks drinks. Yum!

Senita said...

hehe love the faces in the frap! XP The drink sounds yummy...too bad the starbucks here doesn't have it!

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