Tuesday, February 2, 2010

giveaway prize (teaser)!

eeeeyyyyeaaaaaaah!!!  i just got my giveaway prize package from kathi of lotus palace!!!

the package was huge, and came all the way from austria!  this is definitely the best package i've ever gotten (i think), and for sure the cutest.  n_n  you'll find no black sharpie or scotch tape used here.  we've got super cute strawberry tape:
...lacy doily packaging tape, toki-doki-esque address label:
cute stickers:

and the insides are cute too!!!  xD

there was so much inside!  i think i'll have to leave that for another post several future posts.  (umm, not because it would take me hours to photograph / scan everything or anything like that...  9_9)

seriously, once you see everything inside you will really understand how crazy generous kathi is.  i'm just floored by the amount of care and love went into this package, especially when the recipient is a blogspot nobody like me.  9_9  thank youuuuuuu kathi~~! danke shoen!  ^o^

so, expect a slew of posts coming up since i now have an abundance of beauty / skincare products to try.  the arrival of kathi's package coincided with a huge beauty haul weekend for me (read: i kind of lost it at CVS).  almost everything purchased is drugstore and far from new or exclusive, but i hope to provide some unique thoughts and perspectives, and hopefully not bore the experts who are reading.  n_n

forever grateful,
♥ pfefi


nihrida said...

Cuteness overload! Congrats on winning! =)

Catherine said...

Awww, yay!! Can't wait to see everything you got. :D

Witoxicity said...

That's one big teaser all right! Can't wait to see the contents! :) Congratulations on the win!

CrystalS said...

Cute! Congratulations!

amynaree said...

cute package! and yes i'm the same person as amynaree lol

Bea said...

wow! you got lots of stuff! :)
btw, new follower here! check me out if you have time! hugs! :)

sugarmizbunni said...

Congrats^^ just followed u. Hope u hv great fun trying each product. I'm sure u'll. Feel free to hop by my blog if u hv time to spare :)I'm a newbie blogger.

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