Monday, February 15, 2010

lotuspalace prize: TONS of stuff!

hi everybody!  thanks for reading.  n_n  i hope you are having a decent multi-hoilday weekend.  my last month of school is getting crazy, but i'll spare you (i think?) the details.  suffice to say i never want to look at the iPhone code documentation ever again...  x_x

excuses aside, my giveaway prize!
  • LOTS of photos
  • click for larger photo
  • want a review, translation, or more details on anything?  request in the comments!
first: what got me most excited was FACE MASKS!  ever since seeing the 2NE1 girls using them on their tv special, i've been researching and preparing for a big online purchase but now i have these to play with first.  (:  

5x MJCare sheet masks in essences: raspberry, cucumber, herb, fresh aloe, caviar

5x purederm sheet masks in essences: watermelon, vitamin, potato, lemon, green bean
(i've only tried one - can you tell which one i opened before taking photos? xD)

15 pair pack purederm collagen eyezone mask (omg i think these actually work o_O)

1x purederm almond hand mask

1x purederm avocado foot mask

3x treatments of purederm self-heating moisture mask

1x bison bath addictive in royal honey milk (moisturizing bath powder!)

1x kanebo kracie naive facial cleansing foam, aloe (leaves my face squeaky clean!)

1x kanebo true care lip balm (smells like fresh picked apples!)

1x dennis anderson handmade soap in sleigh ride 

1x etude house moistfull cream gel (imho extremely similar to clinique moisture surge, but cuter. n_n)

under the adorable wrapping and on top of the wonderful variety of skincare products, kathi also included a sweet note and some super cute asian office supplies!  first, the cutest piggy ever~~!  (this is the pen clip)
"don't give up!" n_n

and next, a pocket size 2010 monthly planner:

... and matching kitty stamp!  kathi hand-carved the stamp herself, and it's really good!  you can see the pink stamped kitty looks just like the one on the planner.  i need to go buy some ink, pronto.

it's almost like she's psychic, too - i'm a huuuuge sucker for cute stationery and office supplies.  seriously.  i have gel pen lemmings.  i'm the girl who needs blinders to walk past the office supply aisles at walmart and daiso.

may i also point out that this giveaway was to celebrate her own birthday?  so generous la~  @_@


amynaree said...

cute stuff! i love the pen clip

Catherine said...

Awww, how sweet! The pen clip and the stamp are so, so cute!

amynaree said...

wow sheet masks galore! you can never have enough masks :)

Blair said...

I love sheet masks! May I know which brand was shown in the 2NE1 TV Special?

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