Friday, February 12, 2010

today: computer engineer barbie!

i think this is a good thing.  maybe.

[from mattel]

computer engineer barbie.  apparently the internet voted computer engineer and news anchor as her 2010 careers over surgeon, environmentalist, architect, and maybe others?  did you vote?  i didn't hear about this until today~!

as elle-woods-ified as this is (what do we expect?) i think i'm pretty happy about this result.  at the same time, i'm not surprised: an internet win for the occupation that invented the internet?  easy.  (:

this is apparently her 125th career.  one of the other 125 was U.S. president... and as an interesting side effect, i really want me some galactic sparkle tights now.  what do you think of her outfit?

...back to real posts when i finish my programming assignment, i promise.  xD  oh the irony!

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Catherine said...

Hahaha. I think this is a good thing as well but I'm not sure they can really explain to kids what computer engineering is about. She looks more like an IT tech to me...

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