Thursday, March 11, 2010

pimping 2NE1

i'm a HUGE dorky super-fan of girl groups.  seriously.  i think it might come from watching lots of sailor moon at a young age.  girl power!  my number one is 2NE1.  they are this scientifically awesome combination of fierce and sexy but cute and strange.  they put out a new music video and i <3 it so much i must pimp it out.

i'm going to admit that when i first listened to this song - i was pretty disappointed in them.  it's different from what they usually put out and way too computerized and repetitive (lol i think 60% of the lyrics is just "try to follow me, try to follow me, try to follow me...") but then it got suck in my head!  xD

2NE1 - "Try To Follow Me" : (p.s., self choreographed!)

watch it in 720p! ------^

their outfits were extra crazy this time!  here are my 2 favorite looks from member CL:

show stoppers!

and omg i know she's doing the shocker...  it's like 2NE1's gang sign or something because it's the 2 fingers... and then the 1 finger... they actually do it quite a lot.  xD

and they're nearing their 1 year since debut!  yay!  n_n

EDIT: because everybody loves the stormtroopers C:


Andi said...

I love how eclectic you are :)
That metallic bubble look is so pretty and the polka dot hair is pretty sweet!

Elisa S said...

AHHHH 2ne1 noljaaa~
I love them tooo! Dara and the stormtroopers are so cute! Minji tooo :D

Catherine said...

Hahaha, how cute! The stormtroopers were priceless!

Natalie Nguyen said...

Hm I never thought about it that way before! Great analogy!

Oh, I totally agree about 2NE1! They're the bomb!

Shilka said...

Polka-dot hair is the hit for me ;D And I love their makeup hehe But yeah, the song is kinda repetitive

Musicalhouses said...

LOL polka dot hair! i love the visuals though, they're pretty cool!

And I responded to your comment on my blog, but since you have a blog of your own I thought I'd just post a brief summary here too: basically the crease line can be arbitrary in Asians, and doesn't really have any impact on where you put your crease colour. The key thing, regardless of whether your double lids are even or not, is to put the crease colour in the contour area of your eye (as was demonstrated on Wendy). This way the eyes look as even as they can be.

And, I actually really liked your question, so much that I added a paragraph or two to my post addressing the question, and I miiiiight make a separate post on it sometime in the distant future. :)

Musicalhouses said...

I responded to your comment! Basically I said that I might do it, but if I did it would be under a separate series, because for eyelining your considerations are different than eyeshadow. Like you don't consider your crease but you look at the size of the eye, etc. Anyway it's a great idea, I'll def be looking into it! I'll have to start begging my friends again though! LOL

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