Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sally hansen scandal!

hello hello!  i am back from a business trip to austin, tx.  it was fun despite the cold; will queue a post up after the following psa/rant:

i think i have a new favorite nail color but sally hansen is driving me nuts!  check out these two sally hansen salon swatches below:  

it's my new favorite nail polish color: a super pale pink that isn't as glaring as a solid white polish; but light enough to make me look really warm and tan.  makes me feel sunny and socal.  (:

but they are freakishly similar right?  these pictures of "you-gurt style" and "pardon my french" were taken on different days so it's not really fair to compare them.  here they are swatched on alternating fingers:

if you ask me, there is no freaking difference.  i don't even remember which is which.  i'm thinking "pardon my french" is just a rename because "you-gurt style" is a terrible polish name.  i mean... seriously?  that's understandable and forgivable and all that but THEN look what happened!

my nails turned purple! wtfffff.  this is day 3!  and you can see that two air bubbles have been stained something terrible, too.  compare to the color in the bottle:

compare to a new re-application (on middle finger and pinky):

the difference is a lot more dramatic in person; you can see it better if the photo is darker or desaturated:

my primary suspect is the water supply in austin, tx.  here in santa clara county we supposedly have really good water, and when i was brushing my teeth in austin i definitely noticed a strong tap water taste.  i was only there for 2 days!  what do they put in there? o_O

my second thought was that i got a new pen but i can't imagine how that would get such uniform color change across all my nails on both hands...

has anyone else had a polish color randomly change on them?


Catherine said...

o_O; Wow, those really do look like the same color, and from the same brand too lol. But the color change is weird and freaky! I'm guessing it must be the polish itself, because like you said, I can't figure out how you'd get that uniform a change across the polish. o_O;

e.motion in motion said...

LOL! This is interesting! I've had 2 of the same ulta polishes, but one changed color in the bottle! Never had anything change color on my nails though! I do have Urban Decay's White Widow, and I've seen pictures of that turning from white to gray :/ I have yet to use mine though!

Andi said...

Ok, that is the same color.
And your hands are absolutely beautiful, you should be making some extra dough as hand model. Seriously. They're that pretty.

My polish turns colors sometimes too, I agree it's the water. You are a smart cookie :)

shaynaJo said...

hi there, u have a new follower dropping by =)

oh my.. i didnt know nail color will get saturated this badly.. what's with the water supply there? :O

anyway, u've got really really nice nails and I'm so envy!!

DiWiMakeup said...

Great color, but whoa with the color change. How's the lasting power for these polishes? I've been meaning to check them out.

BeautyParler said...

Never had a nailpolish shade change colour but they're both gorgeous. Although in the first pics the one on the left looks slighter pinkier, maybe its the screen.

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