Tuesday, April 6, 2010

minipost: taipei part deux

hella cute froggie magnets! NT150 (US5) for both.  they're from a cube in what i am calling a "cube store", where vendors rent half meter cubes.  that way, in one shop i can shop 20-30 vendors!  it's like a micro-mall. :D

chicken curry dinner from the ximending "modern toilet" restaurant!  sooooo appetizing, right?  NT260 (US8.50) = this + drink + dessert

there are lots of mopeds in taipei, maybe more than macau! and when it rains everyone busts out these awesome rainbow-clown-ponchos!  i likey.


Catherine said...

Oh how I miss Taiwan! Hope you're having fun! :D

cushy said...

i love going into those cube shops. pretty neat. modern toilet restaurant......interesting.

Shoe said...

Girl. I have to update you on the best concealer I've found. MAC studio sculpt concealer. gel-based and excellent when used with a brush. Fingers will do. It's a little thicker than the usual tube, but so worth it. Annnnd, less than 20 dollars? I'm sold.

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