Wednesday, April 14, 2010

minipost: tokyo + earrings

picked up these super-cute bow earrings from a corner shop in hong kong for 20 HKD (2.60 USD).  (the rhinestones are round.)

this street in Ginza is closed for maximumly efficient shopping.  :D  and i swear every public clock in asia is branded: often seiko or rolex.

convenience store bento lunches (although soggy) are cheap and delicious.  500-800 JPY (5-9 USD) (and this picture accurately represents how much faster darling eats than me.)


Catherine said...

Those earrings are so cute!!

And LMAO! My SO is like that too. He's inhaled his food before I've even started hahaha.

Witoxicity said...

Those earrings!!! Too cute! Well-spotted, I say. Have loads of fun for the rest of your trip! :)

shaynaJo said...

wow those are really really cute earrings!! :D

eki said...

Hi! thank you for the sweet gesture! but I am hopefully getting some friends in Japan to send me some new flavors :) I really adore your blog so clean and cute! I wish I was in Japan too,, >_< I hope to go back later this year! bento looks yummy~ :D~

dblchin (double chin) said...

I tell u, I'm seriously mad about japan. SERiously.

coffretgorge said...


coffretgorge said...

Waaaah those earring are too adorable for words! and cheap! hehe. what a bargain! gotta love hongkong! :)

Mischievous Mack said...

adorable earrings! But the bento looks best :) I love and hate convenience store Bentos, lol.
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