Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dollar tree foundation???

120 ivory and 220 neutral: $1 each o_O

seems discontinued - walgreens has almay pure blends with newer packaging and SPF 20 formula.  this older version available on amazon for $0.01 + shipping.

<-- rubbed in | blobbed on -->

 this stuff is hella cheap, yo

the packaging is also hella crappy.  it exploded on me!

can't let any go to waste, can i?  8D

i'll probably mix the darker one into my MUFE as i get tanner in the summer... not sure what i'll do with 120 ivory?

in other news, i keep chipping my n.polish on our shampoo bottles.  ):  any suggestions for where to buy large, empty pump bottles?  dollar tree was a fail on that front, and my next stop is daiso. :/


Catherine said...

Wow, nice!

& hmmmmm. I would rec Daiso or a beauty supply store like Sally's. Good luck!

Mischievous Mack said...

$1 insane! I love your blog! Your header is FANTASTIC!!! *following*

Kristie said...

what a steal! Do these go on as nice as other high end foundation?

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