Monday, June 21, 2010


post-bachelors graduation involves not only a stupidly black gown in 90 degree weather but also a (probably tradition-steeped, but) undoubtedly silly looking "hood".

exhibit a: incorrect way to wear your hood

exhibit b: correct way to wear your hood, but the tent has an exit sign???

actually, this tent had two exit signs.  :D

i'm sure it is for some all-encompassing fire safety regulations but it also makes us look kind of silly.  sort of matches the outfits, i guess.  8D

p.s. this is an atrociously long youtube video but darling and i walk past at 0:20:00!  we are near the top and i am snapping pictures like mad.  :D  also, i liked susan rice's speech.


Natalie Nguyen said...

Haha wow those hoods are HUGE! Kind of reminds me of a cult... or like... the grim reaper type style. I know what the heck am I relating your graduation to? -___-' Looks fun to wear though!
Congrats on making it!!! Woooooo!
That exit sign? Too jokes.

Catherine said...


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