Thursday, July 8, 2010

micropost: bronzer... bigger is better?

hello, biggest bronzer i have ever seen!
nice to meet you!  i've heard of oversized bronzer (gosh, lancome, isadora...) but you are very impressive in person.  large and... in charge?
your box would fit in perfectly with my CDs. :D

i found your cousin in a youtube haul: fast forward to 7:45


CrystalS said...

Whoa, hello! lol How do you like it?

Pfefi X said...

Oops, I probably should have mentioned I didn't buy it. XD If I recall correctly, the colors weren't very interesting. The darker brown was a little too grey/ashy, and the shimmery white parts weren't the warm golden sparkles one would usually expect in a bronzer. Plus, I don't think it would fit in any of my makeup pouches. :P

Natalie Nguyen said...

WOAH. Has the whole "lets make an ipad to supersize things just because" finally made it to the cosmetics world??

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