Sunday, July 11, 2010

my liquid addiction: watermelon slush!

Best summer treat ever.

I love watermelon juice.  I really (really) love watermelon and I really (really!) love straws so  watermelon juice is pretty much undeniably awesome.  I ordered a watermelon slush at a bubble tea place and was disappointed as I watched him blend watermelon chunks and ice.  What a ripoff for $3.75, right?  But after I stabbed my chubby straw into the top and took a sip I was in heaven.  Not enough to ever order it again, but enough to experiment at home.  :D


1. Select the most awesome watermelon that exists within a reasonable driving distance of your person.
Seeded melons seem logistically complex so I recommend the rounder, seedless variety.  If you're like me, you'll doll up for Costco and pick the biggest $5 melon they have before baby facing the seafood station guy into letting you use his scale so you can rub your mad melon skillz into your darling's face later. (20.89 lb! Thank you, thank you.) In terms of freshness, I use the pat-and-listen method: incredibly difficult to describe online. I suggest hanging around the watermelon bin until someone looks like they're using it, and then baby facing them into explaining. :D

2. Populate your blender with delicious chunky chunks.
There are at least two camps when it comes to watermelon consumption: choppers and spooners.  Choppers either make big wedges that people bite into, or fill bowls with little cubey chunks.  Spooners like me just split the whole thing in half and stick a spoon in it, carving watermelon out like ice cream out of a tub.  Having guests?  Grab a melon baller.  (Pro tip: watermelon slushes are a great way to consume that awkward part of the melon where it's getting to be white and non-delicious - you can just scrape it all into the blender and it averages out into a ever-so-slightly less sweet and more adult watermelon slush.)

3. Ice is optional.
Blender is ancient and pansy?  No ice.  Watermelon warm from the car?  Ice.  Sensitive teeth? No ice.  AC broken?  Ice.  Up to you.  I compromise by using smaller, heart-shaped ice cubes.  Truth.  I will note that the iceless version tends to separate into purer juice at the bottom and less blended pulp at the top, whereas the ice/slush version stays more uniformly thick.  (Bonus: watermelon slushes are also a good way to use up strawberries if you are a fool like me and fell for a "buy two, get four!" deal.  It's strawberry season, yo; I put 'em in everything!)

5. Straws are cool.
I am too impatient to wait for deliciousness to travel up a cute crazy straw, but I am super in love with the diner-style dispenser I found:

Happy summering! n_n


DesertNails8 said...

Watermelon juice is great! I put the juice of one lime in one blender full of blended watermelon juice. Yum!

bunee said...

i loveeee watermelon but somehow i get allergic reaction when i have them lately . :( its pretty painful to see a picture of your juice & watermelon and blender sitting on my kitchen counter .

coffretgorge said...

hahaha i've never seen someone so excited about watermelon slushies before! but i agree, watermelon slushies are so refreshing and yummy at the same time!

this is the way i make mine:
i cut watermelon into little wedges
put them in the freezer until its chilled
then in the blender they go! i dont put sugar if they're already sweet.
finished product: 100% pure watermelon slush! :P

so simple yet unbelievably satisfying especially on a hooot day! :)

Pfefi X said...

@DesertNails8: OoooooOOOOOOooooo I am mostly definitely going to try that. :D

@bunee: Oh no! I'm sorry. ): ): You can pretend it's strawberry juice?

@coffretgorge: Oh I am excited. :D And I totally agree that chilled juice is the way to go! And having it in little pieces is probably a much more efficient way to fit it in the fridge than a whole melon or half a melon. And I agree, no sugar necessary!

Catherine said...

Oooh I love this idea!

The Temporal Guardian said...

Where did you get the straw container??

Pfefi X said...

@The Temporal Guardian

TJMaxx or Marshalls, I think. :D I imagine they might have them at a Bed Bath and Beyond. Are you in the US?

The Temporal Guardian said...

@pfefi: I live in Canada. But I have seen those things before at at the Johnny Rockets restaurants here.

Pfefi X said...

@The Temporal Guardian

Hmm, I haven't spent a lot of time in Canada but I would definitely say to keep an eye out at home goods stores. I also think it's worth a shot to talk to your local Johnny Rockets manager and see if they have any extra they're willing to part with! I feel like they should have backup since they are made of glass...

The Temporal Guardian said...

@pfefi: Thank you for your help! =) I will try that!

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