Tuesday, July 6, 2010

national birthday notd + 3 questions

noth (n. o. t. holiday!) + seche vite shrinkage + 48 hr tipwear = 
milani whitest white
sally hansen xtreme wear blue it *
sally hansen xtreme wear so poppy
claire's cosmetics body glitter **

* if you have this color and you're rubbing your eyes or mocking my photography/white-balance/exposure fail, it's because the blue shown is actually something along the lines of 9 parts blue it and 1 part whitest white, which i think matches much better!

when i need a certain color or simply lose interest in a current one, i have no qualms in pouring in whatever i think will make it more to my liking.  another example is a burgundy-ish claire's polish that was way too cool-toned for me so i added bunches of a cheap nyc orange, which has helped!  i wouldn't wholly categorize this behavior as "frankening," though.  more like... plastic surgery?

** the stars are from claire's (a tween accessories/cosmetics store in the u.s.).  they are labeled as "body glitter".  wtf.  they are HUGE:

question 1: do you plastic surgery your nail polishes?
question 2: at what age (if any) is 4mm star-shaped body glitter appropriate?
question 3: does anyone else see blog posts about fall collections but keep reading "fail collection", e.g. "chanel fail"? (ok ok i admit i may be nerdier than most.)


mayaari said...

I don't really mix polishes, but I did make a fun jelly polish after reading about a popular shade in a magazine...basically took a random bottle of clear polish and mixed it with a creamy bright red bottle that I had laying around so that it was bright red, but transparent :)

and holy crap that "body glitter" is HUGE! RYC: I typically apply bb cream with a makeup sponge. I apply concealer the same way I would if I were using liquid foundation - it goes on top of the bb cream/foundation...sometimes the bb cream is light enough that it can cover under eye circles and light scars on its own. I can work on a full review of the Guerlain foundation, but I basically decided to try it because after reading Mona's review on MakeMeBlushhh :)

Catherine said...

Love the mani! I don't think I've ever tried mixing polishes before. I only thin mine lol.

& LOL. How is that body glitter?!


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