Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modge Podge + $1 E.L.F. Compact = WIN!

Ta-daa!!!  It makes me so happy!  n_n

See?  The magnets are quite solid.

The $1 ELF compact while economical and rather sturdy, is white, tacky, and so limited!  I love the giant mirror but everything else about this was so meh.  Plus, I've gotten all into depotting things and needed a way to store the single pans.




Itemization of materials:
  • A: Crappy paint brush.  I think it's from a multi-pack at the dollar store. < $1
  • B: Super glue (because the metal sheet that comes with the compact is not attached to the case). $1
  • C: Modge Podge or your favorite decoupage glue.  Because awesomeness.  ~$2.50 but apparently you can make your own?
  • D: Magnet pieces.  Can be cut easily with scissors - I estimate this pack will be good for about 144 round/square pans, and 288 of the small triangle pans in the ELF Brightening Eye Quads.  Adhesive / "Peel and Stick!" preferred but of course you already have super glue!  $0.97
  • E: Decorative tissue paper.  The thin-ness makes it easier to get around the corners and edges without needing to miter the corners.  $1
  • elf Essentials Custom Compact.  $0.40 when I got it but normally $1
Other notes:
  • The original compact's insert / tray is snapped in, not glued down, so it can be easily popped out with something flat and stiff such as a butter knife.
  • Basic Modge Podge / decoupage technique:
    • Coat with Modge Podge
    • Apply paper
    • More Modge Podge
    • Allow to dry
    • More Modge Podge
    • Allow to dry
    • Continue until you've lost all interest or you've ran out of America's Next Top Model episodes, or you reach 3-4 coats.
  • Protips: 
    • Cover the ELF logos on top and bottom beforehand with white tissue paper or white out else it will show through your patterned tissue paper.
    • Cut your patterned sheets bigger than you need them.  After modge podging, you can fold the extra over the edge and if you rub with a spoon or the dull side of a butter knife, it will tear off in a straight line along the edge.
  • Caveats:
    • It's not going to be smooth
      • Can remedy with a find grit sandpaper or nail file if you are not as lazy as me
    • It's not going to be waterproof
      • Can remedy with a clear acrylic or lacquer coat (like out of a spray paint can) if you are not as lazy as me
List of pre-made custom palettes because I shopped around hardcore before settling on my decoupage solution:
  • TKB Freestyle Palette
    • $4.50 for small
    • Matte cardboard, clear window/no mirror
  • Coastal Scents Empty Magnetic Palettes
    • $8 for large, $5 for small
    • Matte plastic, large mirror
    • Not sure how neatly/easily the insert / tray is removed - I've heard it's a foamy material?  More info appreciated!
  • MAC Pro Palettes
    • $14 for large, $5 for small
    • Matte plastic, no mirror (clear window on small palette)
    • Not sure how neatly/easily the insert / tray is removed
  • Z-Palette
    • $20 for large, $14 for small
    • "eco-friendly recyclable materials that will not crack or break", clear window/no mirror
    • 40 pre-cut adhesive magnets for $4.30
  • UNII Palette
    • $29-27 for Large
    • Glossy plastic, large mirror
    • Cute thumb grip magnet
    • P.S. Awesome collection of depotting guides from YouTube.


Mod Podge Amy said...

Love the compact!

Natalie Nguyen said...

Wow, that looks SO much better than before. Looks fantastic, great job!

Witoxicity said...

Gosh, you're really good at this! Well done! The final result looks so pretty.

rae630 said...

SO AWESOME!!! <3 Rina

Hafsah said...

love the idea and the compact! I think i'm going to try that this weekend when I have time... also did you know if you take a cotton ball and some nail polish remover that the elf logo rubs right off ;)

Natalie Nguyen said...

I actually have a few Amore stores available around me BUT I found that they overcharge. So best place to buy Laneige products are on ebay! Laneige recently has a new Multiberry line to replace their Strawberry one! I want to try it so badly now XD

Here's the good ebay-er I buy from. Highly recommended as I bought from them twice with good service! said...

What an awesome idea! Will definitely have to try this out.

Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway1

<3 Kelly

{julee} said...

found you searching for elf nail polish swatches-thanks for that, btw.
after reading that last sentence about lining the polishes all up in a row and seeing your earring addiction, i think we might be the best of friends, i'll stalk and you write. {following!}

Pfefi X said...

hehe yay!!! n_n

evie said...

great idea:)

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