Sunday, January 31, 2010

blast from the past

i found this when i was home for the holidays:

this is a 10 mL plastic bottle of my first nail polish ever. (and, by extension, my first makeup item ever)  i think i was 6 or 7 when i got this in a toy makeup set.  the color is tinkerbell "REDDY or NOT".  it was a medium red when applied thickly and a intense, cool-toned pink when applied thinly.  it didn't smell like nail lacquer at all, and when dry could be peeled off like rubber cement.  of course my favorite part was peeling it off.  XD

i'd swatch it but it's since become a solid mass of red rubber...

i'm pretty sure i'm behind the curve when it comes to makeup and being girly, but this find might prove me wrong!  what kind of girly first steps did you take as a kid?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

hello pfefi!

to all those out there in RSS feed reader world (or however you read your blogs):

*drumroll please*


i have a new layout!  i found a really simple design i liked, tweaked it a tiny bit, and then proceeded to install the best blog header ever.  or, at least the best i've ever made and probably ever will make:
click for the biggie! n_n

 cool, right?  n_n  i've seen words spelled out of objects before, but never earrings!  i love seeing everyone's makeup stash posts, and this is my way of sharing part of my earring (and bracelet) stash.  these are all pieces that i love and wear.  many have special origins or hold fond memories - i'm sure you can say the same about your own jewelry!

so, i hope you like it.  maybe in the future i can tell the stories behind some of these earrings.  for now, i'll show you how i made it, using federer's tennis racket (thanks, darling!):

the camera rests in the triangle-hold on the racket.  instant tripod!

forever ghetto like that,
♥ pfefi

leopard print+!

masquerade ball!  i wore a leopard print mask (of course) n_n

originally i was very much against the idea of buying a pre-made mask, because with 1100 people attending the same event there are bound to be others with the same one.  i thought about making my own before realizing i could draw one on with makeup!  i was inspired while reading another blog, though the name completely escapes me.  (i think it's written by a pair of women, and they're very high profile.)

anyways, in the end i ran out of time so i went to diddam's and picked this out of the mardi gras section for $13.  there were about 3 or 4 other girls with my same mask, and many more with it in other colors.  oooooh well.  i did see a few go the makeup route and it looked awesome!  i wish i had taken pictures.

i volunteered for the first hour selling tickets.  they sold 1000 online and i sold the last 100 tickets in 24 minutes.  o_o  so, after that i played customer service and had to tell new people over and over that were totally sold out and couldn't let anyone else in.  ):

i don't have dress photos, but i had leopard print nails! they were fake glue-ons.  why?  because i know i would really go nuts if i tried putting this design on with my awkward left hand:

i made them!  c:

closeup and products used (left to right: gold, black, pure silver, champagne toast)

Asami just did a review on the sally hansen nail art pen in white, and i agree that the texture and payout leave a lot to be desired.  you might be able to see that the leopard spots aren't solid black in some places, but for this look it worked out perfectly.

i actually own these pens in seven colors, as a birthday present from a very generous (guy!) friend:

top to bottom: black, light pink, hot pink, blue, red, silver, gold

the bottom three are metallic, and i believe are more pigmented than the others.  i know these are old but i can't seem to find any blogger swatches of them, besides Asami's.  o_O  if you want swatches or a more thorough review, let me know.

finally, i want to share the song love story by jewelry:

they're crying because this is their last stage performance before the group breaks up. T_T it's such a pretty song though, right?

Friday, January 15, 2010

leopard print!

i did the scariest thing today.  i was riding my bike home and i took both hands off the handlebar to zip up my fleece.  aaaaaah!  maybe some of you are laughing at me but i am a big chicken when it comes to riding with no hands.  it took me several tries, and about 1/4 mile of road.

anyways, that is just my excuse to blog about my bike:


fun fact: there are an estimated 12,000 bicycles on the stanford campus, and less than 15,000 students!  (+ some professors who bike to work) last fall, i had no bike so i walked 2-3 miles per day back and forth from class... it sucked!  then a family friend was kind enough to gift me an old bicycle.  it was black and quite boring, so when spring came i tore off the stickers and started cutting leopard spots out of masking tape.  add some yellow spray paint and an orange sharpie, and... voila!

i was reminded of this because of CrystalS's shirt!  she also has a sweet leopard print blog layout going on right now.  she's a really pretty, and sweet makeup artist and it was just her birthday yesterday (happy birthday crystal!)  so go say happy birthday and check out her blog.  n_n

anyways i really like leopard print and will be sad when it's no longer trendy and "in". (actually it probably already isn't and i just don't know, haha)  here's some random leopard print stuff from around my room (stock photos ftw!)

clockwise: sunglasses case, ruffle top by express, makeup bag x2, faux fur jacket by express

i used to have this sweet rainbow leopard print fleece blanket (something like this), but i don't know where it went.  what's your favorite print?  plaid?  zebra?  polka?  n_n

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a january piece of me

this month...
i like: that i'll be the teaching assistant for the intro fourier transform class.  fourier and i have history, and this is a wonderful new stage in our relationship...  X3
i don't like: that i'll be starting part time at my job.
i want you to know: snowflakes are almost always 6-sided.  if anything they'll have 3 or 12 sides, but never 5 or 8.
i've planned: to buy my first foundation.  but powder or liquid?  drugstore or sephora?
i want to say to someone special: thanks for building my 465 horsepower bug.  just know that when we play, you're going down! that's right. wut wut.

why yes, those are gold rims.  thanks for noticing! n_n

i think a new year is a great time to start things. n_n learn how to play the "piece of me game" here.
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