Monday, March 29, 2010

preparing for travel: plants! [updated 4/5/10]

lei hou ma?  in 36 hours i'm going to be in hong kong!  i am mondo excited.  the only downsides are 1) the amount of money i am spending and 2) preparing for travel.  order number one is to prepare my babies.  we live in a pet-free apartment complex, so i have plants.  this is how you prepare houseplants for a 2-week absence --->

it's easy peasy!  the pot is full of water (about 3 quarts).  you probably don't need so much for plants this small but we live in a dry area and i want to have plenty left over after evaporation.

the lid is to slow down the evaporation, and the chopsticks elevate the lid or else the paper towels would be squished and wouldn't let much water through.

the pot is on a bowl to elevate the water above the plants and promote water flow. don't elevate the pot; you'll flood your plants like i did. D: one end of the paper towel should go to the bottom of the water and the other end should be buried in the soil (as far down as the roots, maybe 1 inch or so depending)

as the soil dries, it will suck water through the paper towel like a straw!  pretty cool right?

i had a similar setup for winter break and my babies survived 3 weeks without me, w00t w00t!

i'm going to grow up to be the crazy houseplant lady.  D:

but i'm so proud of them/myself, they've grown so much!

(my pothos, 16 months ago. don't mind the spotty leaves in the background, that's another plant)

(my spider plant / airplane plant, 11 months ago.  it survived a day-long flight, in a plastic baggie!)

okay.  crazy plant lady signing off, for now.

unless a post on plant propagation would be helpful to anyone?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


it's me and darling during finals week!  that's the exact face we end up making sometimes.  xD

only one day left.  i didn't have any finals in my last quarter (woot woot), but darling did.  poor baby, at least he got a cute little bento lunch out of it.

i like to think ninja'd it into his fridge, special ops style... (more like i walked in during studying and was like, "hey dude.  lunch in the fridge," haha)
either way, it was supposed to be lunch! but it ended up being eaten as breakfast (as usual).

the onigiri are filled with canned bbq eel with tobasco sauce, mmmm sooo good, seriously.  if you have never tried asian canned eel you need to get your hands on some.  it's a like eel at a sushi place (unagi) but saltier and ...harder? like sardines/anchovies.  hard to beat.

...but then you get to the stir fry.  OMG.  i'll admit that this was somewhat of a (delicious) accident.  i had some leftover hot sauce from a curry eating contest, so i tossed it over my veggies while they defrosted (busy students don't have time to shop fresh).  i came back and stir fried them as usual with soy sauce and garlic, but had this amazing sweet/sour kick to it!  i remembered i had tossed this random hot sauce in so i went back and looked it up for you.  :D  it's called Floyd's Famous HotLime Sauce, made of key lime juice and habanero. i would have a picture but i already recycled the bottle.  ):

apparently it's a small-company, west-coast thing.  i used about 1-1.5 tablespoons of the extra-hot version (there is a pansy green version also) in 1 small pan of stir fry, which is about two servings. if you want some and a) don't live in norcal/oregon/washington or b) can't find something similar where you are; you can get single bottles direct from their website for $8.  it's gooooood stuff.

and just to round out the pictures:
dessert = japanese candies but of course they end up as appetizer instead.  9_9  *sigh*

"don't eat meeeeeeee!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pimping 2NE1

i'm a HUGE dorky super-fan of girl groups.  seriously.  i think it might come from watching lots of sailor moon at a young age.  girl power!  my number one is 2NE1.  they are this scientifically awesome combination of fierce and sexy but cute and strange.  they put out a new music video and i <3 it so much i must pimp it out.

i'm going to admit that when i first listened to this song - i was pretty disappointed in them.  it's different from what they usually put out and way too computerized and repetitive (lol i think 60% of the lyrics is just "try to follow me, try to follow me, try to follow me...") but then it got suck in my head!  xD

2NE1 - "Try To Follow Me" : (p.s., self choreographed!)

watch it in 720p! ------^

their outfits were extra crazy this time!  here are my 2 favorite looks from member CL:

show stoppers!

and omg i know she's doing the shocker...  it's like 2NE1's gang sign or something because it's the 2 fingers... and then the 1 finger... they actually do it quite a lot.  xD

and they're nearing their 1 year since debut!  yay!  n_n

EDIT: because everybody loves the stormtroopers C:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sally hansen scandal!

hello hello!  i am back from a business trip to austin, tx.  it was fun despite the cold; will queue a post up after the following psa/rant:

i think i have a new favorite nail color but sally hansen is driving me nuts!  check out these two sally hansen salon swatches below:  

it's my new favorite nail polish color: a super pale pink that isn't as glaring as a solid white polish; but light enough to make me look really warm and tan.  makes me feel sunny and socal.  (:

but they are freakishly similar right?  these pictures of "you-gurt style" and "pardon my french" were taken on different days so it's not really fair to compare them.  here they are swatched on alternating fingers:

if you ask me, there is no freaking difference.  i don't even remember which is which.  i'm thinking "pardon my french" is just a rename because "you-gurt style" is a terrible polish name.  i mean... seriously?  that's understandable and forgivable and all that but THEN look what happened!

my nails turned purple! wtfffff.  this is day 3!  and you can see that two air bubbles have been stained something terrible, too.  compare to the color in the bottle:

compare to a new re-application (on middle finger and pinky):

the difference is a lot more dramatic in person; you can see it better if the photo is darker or desaturated:

my primary suspect is the water supply in austin, tx.  here in santa clara county we supposedly have really good water, and when i was brushing my teeth in austin i definitely noticed a strong tap water taste.  i was only there for 2 days!  what do they put in there? o_O

my second thought was that i got a new pen but i can't imagine how that would get such uniform color change across all my nails on both hands...

has anyone else had a polish color randomly change on them?
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