Wednesday, April 14, 2010

minipost: tokyo + earrings

picked up these super-cute bow earrings from a corner shop in hong kong for 20 HKD (2.60 USD).  (the rhinestones are round.)

this street in Ginza is closed for maximumly efficient shopping.  :D  and i swear every public clock in asia is branded: often seiko or rolex.

convenience store bento lunches (although soggy) are cheap and delicious.  500-800 JPY (5-9 USD) (and this picture accurately represents how much faster darling eats than me.)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

minipost: taipei part deux

hella cute froggie magnets! NT150 (US5) for both.  they're from a cube in what i am calling a "cube store", where vendors rent half meter cubes.  that way, in one shop i can shop 20-30 vendors!  it's like a micro-mall. :D

chicken curry dinner from the ximending "modern toilet" restaurant!  sooooo appetizing, right?  NT260 (US8.50) = this + drink + dessert

there are lots of mopeds in taipei, maybe more than macau! and when it rains everyone busts out these awesome rainbow-clown-ponchos!  i likey.

Monday, April 5, 2010

minipost: taipei

i'm in taipei!  i should be vacationing, not blogging, so let's call this a 3-picture minipost.  n_n

dessert at the hello kitty sweets cafe.  NT300 (US9.50) + 10% = dessert + beverage + jello

[more info: bittenbefore]

upgraded nerdtastic passport pouch to real (dorky) wallet! NT380 (US12) and i'm fairly certain i overpaid.

it's almost like the construction site is saying: "sorry for being ugly and loud, i can't help it!  here, have a super cute fence and some hanging plants.  plants!"
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