Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Review

remember these? i may have promised a review of them a while ago, but you know... life and stuff.  always getting in the way.  9_9 

first, a gigantonormous macro image of the sally hansen nail art pens:

cremes: black, light pink, hot pink, blue / metallics: red, silver, gold
the pens are about 5" / 12.5 cm long, so they are quite fat, like a highlighter.
(there are 8 colors available and asami has reviewed the white pen)

next, epic swatches:

two shots of the swatches in same order as above, in different daylight angles
(one swiped line + dotted line + tapped for dot + swirled for spots)

as you can see, the light pink, hot pink, and blue didn't cling to the red polish and clustered up.  bottom red base stripe is so poppy with a matte topcoat (essie), which solved the problem.  for all colors, dots and spots turned out pretty well.  

these three colors also had uneven pigmentation, this is after shaking the pen for 5-10 seconds.  disappointing?  i shook it for about a minute more and came up with these:

re-shaken swatch of light pink, hot pink, blue.  betterish?

polishes swatched over 357 whitest white, 27 so poppy, 24 black out

pictured with notw for size reference 
(notw is 27 so poppy with 21 snow globe and three-quarters matte about you)

oh but pfefi, what's inside?

the tip is a hard plastic with tiny ink-releasing slits

i got them as a birthday gift but they are about $8 everywhere else, yuck! at least sally hansen is on sale this week!  (:


@ulta (mmm half off seche vite, too...)

they are teasing me with the photos of sally hansen complete salon... i've been all over town but hidden treasure is all sold out.  ):  

(why do the two ads have different bottle label designs?)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dollar tree foundation???

120 ivory and 220 neutral: $1 each o_O

seems discontinued - walgreens has almay pure blends with newer packaging and SPF 20 formula.  this older version available on amazon for $0.01 + shipping.

<-- rubbed in | blobbed on -->

 this stuff is hella cheap, yo

the packaging is also hella crappy.  it exploded on me!

can't let any go to waste, can i?  8D

i'll probably mix the darker one into my MUFE as i get tanner in the summer... not sure what i'll do with 120 ivory?

in other news, i keep chipping my n.polish on our shampoo bottles.  ):  any suggestions for where to buy large, empty pump bottles?  dollar tree was a fail on that front, and my next stop is daiso. :/
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