Saturday, June 26, 2010

birthday slice

(hmm this seems to be a very scatterbrained post...)

in a prototypical birthday you have dinner or a party, and if there are presents involved they are all wrapped up and opened together (with cards).  not me!  (or maybe you, too?)

i just become much more loose with my shopping for the weeks before and after my birthday.  :D  plus, darling is really bad about keeping secrets so i get my presents from him as soon as they come in the mail.

corporate participation in my birthday:

the nike store was giving away free laces and matching spikes!  i gave my friend my spikes because she's a hardcore runner who actually owns (and uses!) shoes to screw them into.  :D  pictured on my awesome $5 walmart buy.  

i got my sephora birthday gift also but to the honest the mascara and pencil are pretty terrible and the eye shadow won't really be useful to me until i depot and pallet-ize everything.  on the other hand, starbucks was a total fail and did not give me a free drink based on my starbucks card - they said i needed a code from an email but i never got an email :(

i went to nordstrom rack and really fell in love with these kenneth cole bracelets.  i very nearly bought all 3 in each color.  they remind me of bamboo, look like bangles but are elastic so they're smaller than a bangle (and thus don't completely slide off over my itty bitty hands) and they are texturized and very "soft glow" effect-ey.  have been wearing them almost every day this week.  :)

i actually bought this bottle for my birthday last year and finally finished it this year!  8D

and hey not everything is for me... my kid sister was in town so i gifted her some items that were no longer age/weight/height-appropriate for me.  -_-

AND darling got me the most awesome hat evar.  just like 2NE1!  i <3 it and am wearing it all the time.  yes, it is fuzzy, and yes, people like to pet my head.  they need to make the cookie monster version so i can buy it for him!

both my mum and darling baked me birthday cakes but both disappeared too fast to be photographed.  XD

Monday, June 21, 2010


post-bachelors graduation involves not only a stupidly black gown in 90 degree weather but also a (probably tradition-steeped, but) undoubtedly silly looking "hood".

exhibit a: incorrect way to wear your hood

exhibit b: correct way to wear your hood, but the tent has an exit sign???

actually, this tent had two exit signs.  :D

i'm sure it is for some all-encompassing fire safety regulations but it also makes us look kind of silly.  sort of matches the outfits, i guess.  8D

p.s. this is an atrociously long youtube video but darling and i walk past at 0:20:00!  we are near the top and i am snapping pictures like mad.  :D  also, i liked susan rice's speech.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

minipost: turn that frown upside down!

when life gives you lemons 
when you jack up your mani while driving
when you are stupid enough to drive with wet nail polish...

...make lemonade!

:D !

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